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Torchy's Tacos started in 2006 with a mobile trailer, a little red Vespa, and a man with a passion for good food. The founder, Michael Rypka, left an executive chef position to chase his dreams by investing everything he had into Torchy's Tacos. With a new, experimental menu ready to serve but no mouths to feed, Rypka jumped on his Vespa and started throwing out samples in an attempt to draw customers to his trailer. Before he knew it, people were rallying beside the taco stand hollering, "damn these tacos are good!" and thus, the Torchy's legacy began. Today, Torchy's Tacos operates over 46 locations in three states

Hours of Operation:

Monday- Thursday: 10AM-9PM
Friday: 10AM-10PM
Saturday: 9AM-10PM
Sunday: 9AM-9PM