IV Therapy is BACK at BeautyCo
Starting this month we are offering our clients the ability to add an IV Therapy Infusion Treatment to any of our 60 minute Facials or Filler appointments and also receive a complimentary B12 injection.
  • IV Therapy Infusion Treatment ($180)
  • B12 (Value of $25)
Before your session, you and our healthcare professionals will discuss your health concerns. A customized IV hydration regimen may be made to address your unique needs during your session.
Treatments typically last 45 to 60 minutes. Due to COVID and social distancing, this service MUST be booked with a 60 minute Facial or Filler appointment to allow for the IV treatment to take place.
After your session, you could feel immediately replenished and revitalized. However, this is not a promise, as individual results can vary.

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